4-H & FFA Livestock Show
Department A (Rev. 2014)
General Rules
This show is open to boys and girls who are bona fide members of an organized 4-H club or FFA chapter
on or before Dec. 1 in Highland County, from nine years of age through the fair immediately after their
high school graduation.  Active registered 4-H and FFA members must be enrolled as members on or
before Dec. 1 of the year prior to participating.  Members must actively participate in a minimum of six (6)
4-H or FFA sponsored activities from June 1 through June 1 of year participating in fair.  If entering the
show and sale under 4-H, all six activities must be 4-H related and 4 of the 6 must be from the sponsored
club the exhibitor is qualifying in.  If entering the show and sale under FFA, all six activities must be FFA-
related, four of which are attendance to regularly held FFA chapter meetings during Club Day at HCPS.  
Members are also required to complete record books for each project animal/species in order to be
eligible to compete in the show and sale.  Up-to-date record books are required at weigh-in and upon
registering at the Fair barn.  Completed record books need to be turned in to the Highland Extension
Office by 5:00 p.m. on the second Friday of September or the third Friday if the Fair falls on the first
Friday.  Individual sale money will be held until completed record books are turned in.  Contact the
Highland Extension Office for a complete set of 4-H/FFA Show and Sale Rules.
All livestock must be owned and in possession of the exhibitor by the early weigh-in.  All livestock
participating in the show must be registered with the Highland Extension Office on or before June 1.  A
seven-day grace period will be used for late registrations.  However, exhibitors registering during this
grace period will be assessed a monetary penalty of $25.  Registrations along with the $25 late fee will
not be accepted after this grace period.  Market steers will be initially weighed and ear tagged the first
week of June.  All other market livestock will be ear tagged and initially weighed by the Livestock
Committee on the third Saturday of July. All animals must be in good health and subject to random
veterinary inspection.  All cattle must be weaned (except cow/calf) and broke to lead.  Registered heifers
can be shown in regular class or breeding class, but not both.  All market livestock entered and shown in
the Fair must either be sold or entered as commercial livestock in the show.  All sheep (market,
commercial & purebred) must have official scrapie identification for show and sale.  Showmen who obtain
show sheep from flocks other than their own must ensure that the livestock are properly identified prior to
purchase or transfer of ownership. Market goats must also have official scrapie identification.  All cattle
must be restrained using a substantial neck tie and a halter.   Sheep may be shown with halters at
exhibitor’s discretion unless otherwise noted by judge.  Livestock in this department cannot be shown in
Department B.  All exhibitors are required to be certified in Youth Meat Quality Assurance (YMQA).  
Livestock should be entered prior to unloading on the fairgrounds by 6 p.m. on Tuesday of Fair week.  
Individual’s educational exhibits must be posted no later than 10 a.m. on Wednesday of Fair week for
judging.  Tack may not be left in the aisles.  Each exhibitor is responsible for cleaning out their pens/stalls
or they will be charged a cleaning fee of $20.00 per pen/stall.  Don’t clean pens/stalls during the show or
sale.  Pens/stalls will be assigned by the barn managers and no reserving of pens/stalls will be allowed.  
Exhibitors must be ready when their class is called and at sale time.  If an exhibitor cannot safely control
their own animal and/or enter the show or sale ring at the appropriate class/sale time, then they are
disqualified.  In extreme cases, the exhibitor may be asked by the overall fair livestock committee to
remove the animal from the grounds as a safety precaution.  If you are a “no show”, the barn manager
has authority to close the gate for the judging or the sale to commence.  If an exhibitor does not show in
a required class or sale, the exhibitor forfeits his/her privilege to sell the animal.  Participants should
minimize outside assistance in preparing animals for the show, especially when the exhibitor is not
involved with the help as a learning experience.  No adults will be allowed to help show livestock in the 4-
H and FFA Livestock Show—this includes market livestock, commercial and purebred livestock.
Prize money will be paid for only two placings in each class by one exhibitor.  If there is only one exhibitor
in a class a first place ribbon will be awarded but only second place money will be paid.
Parking adjacent to the barns to unload feed will be limited to 15 minutes at a time and must be done
before 12 noon.  No parking in the barn area will be allowed between noon and midnight.    No dogs will
be allowed in the livestock barns.  There will be no smoking in the barn area.  All barns will close at 11:00
p.m.    All livestock must remain in place until after the 4-H and FFA Livestock Sale.  Misconduct in the
barn area will not be tolerated and is subject to dismissal from the fair.   If you witness inappropriate
behavior, report this issue immediately to the barn manager or one of the overall committee members.  If
the behavior is deemed serious enough, the exhibitor may be asked to leave the grounds and forfeit
participation in the show and/or sale.  Minor issues will be given a warning followed by parent follow-up
and possibly a meeting with the overall committee if the behavior continues. Anyone who does not follow
the rules will be subject to disqualification.

Classes will be judged on showmanship only.  Three entries make a class.  All exhibitors with market or
feeder steers must enter and show their own animal in only one showmanship class.  Animals must be
clean and dry.  The animal must also be entered in another section in this show.  Classes may be split if
there are more than six entries in any one class.  Previous winners of class 2 and class 3 must advance
to the next higher class.

1.        Master – previous showmanship winners of Class 2.
2.        Senior – for exhibitors 14-18 years old on day of the show and/or previous winners of class 3.
3.        Junior – for exhibitors under 14 years of age on the day of the show.
4.        Novice – for first time exhibitors 13 years old and under.
PRIZES:  Ribbons:  1st - $12 & Rosette; 2nd - $10; 3rd - $9; 4th - $8; 5th - $7; 6th - $6
Special Recognition for First Place Winners
Sponsored by Local Livestock Supporters

Beef feeder steers are required to be owned and in possession 30 days prior to Fair entry day and
should weigh between 500-800 lbs. on the day of the show.  Steers outside the weight range may be
exhibited and sold, but will not compete for championship placings and prizes.  Market steers are
required to be registered on or before June 1 and weighed and ear tagged on the first week of June in
order to compete.  Market steers should meet a minimum weight of 1000 pounds and a live grade of
Select Minus or better on Fair entry day.  There is a limit of 2 steers per youth.  Registration should be
completed through the Agriculture Instructor or Extension Agent.  Classes will be divided by weight if
more than 6 steers are entered in a class.  All feeder steers must be weaned.  Steers can be purebred or
crossbred of any beef breed(s).  

1.        Market Steer
2.        Champion Market Steer
3.        Feeder Steer
4.        Champion Feeder Steer
PRIZES:  1st - $18;  2nd - $15;  3rd - $12;  4th - $10;  5th - $8;  6th - $6
   Champion - $15 and Banner; Reserve Champion - $10 & Rosette

 Farm Raised Feeder Steer
Steer must be owned by exhibitor. Steer must be born and raised in Highland County on the family farm
of exhibitor’s immediate family or grandparent.   Exhibitor must have performed hands-on duties with
steer since birth, such as calving, worming, vaccinations, feeding.  Only one steer per eligible exhibitor
can be shown in this class and the steer must be one of the exhibitor’s feeder steers registered at the fair
for the 4-H/FFA livestock show and sale.  Eligible entries in this class must be pre-registered by June 1.

PRIZES:  1st - $20; 2nd -$15; 3rd - $10; 4th - $5
Class is sponsored by Sally & Mike Humphries

1.        Senior Yearling Bred Heifer (not over 3 years old).
2.        Junior Yearling heifer calved between Jan. 1 and April 30 of previous year.
2.        Summer yearling heifer calved between May 1 and Aug. 30 of previous year.
3.        Senior heifer calf calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 of previous year.
4.        Junior heifer calf calved between Jan. 1 and April 30 of current year.
PRIZES:  1st – $18;  2nd - $15;  3rd - $12;  4th - $10;  5th - $8; 6th - $6
   Champion - $15; Reserve Champion - $10

1.         Yearling Bull.
2.         Senior Yearling Bred Heifer (not over 3 years old).
3.         Junior yearling heifer calved between Jan. 1 and April 30 of previous year.
4.         Summer yearling heifer calved between May 1 and Aug. 31 of previous year.
5.         Senior heifer calf calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31 of previous year.
6.         Junior heifer calf calved between Jan. 1 and April 30 of current year.
7.         Cow/Calf
8.         Champion heifer.
PRIZES:  1st – $18;  2nd - $15;  3rd - $12;  4th - $10;  5th - $8; 6th - $6
   Champion - $15;   Reserve Champion - $10

Same classes and premiums as under Section IV.  Also review general rules for Dept. A.

A special champion and reserve champion heifer will be selected from participating 4-H and FFA youth
that intend to begin or expand their herd by breeding and keeping a replacement heifer.  Heifers must be
home-raised or purchased prior to December 1 of the year preceding the show and registered with the
Extension Office by that date including source and age verification.  The heifer must be bred or exposed
to a bull by show date with sire information provided at check-in with the intention of calving the heifer
and keeping calves for future shows or maintain in youth’s herd.  The entry must have been shown in
either a registered heifer class (with registration papers) or commercial non-registered crossbred heifers
and shown in one of the yearling classes.  Only one heifer per exhibitor can qualify for this award.  The
intent of this class is replacement heifers for the farm; therefore, any heifer qualified for this class is not
eligible to return for this class for any other year.   All other general show rules apply.

   PRIZES:  Bred Commercial Heifer        1st--$250; 2nd--$125.00 and rosettes
             Bred Registered Heifer                1st--$250; 2nd--$125.00 and rosettes
Awards sponsored by Riverbend Farm
Cattle & Goat Show - Aug.31, 2016  @ 1 p.m.
Hog & Sheep Show - Sept. 1, 2016 @ 10 a.m.