Senior Youth (ages 14-18)

     A.  Exhibits for senior youth ages 14-18 (exhibitor’s age must be indicated on entry tag)
     B.  Exhibits will be judged on:  
             • general appearance
             • workmanship and techniques
             • harmony or contrast of color selection
             • appropriateness of selected materials balanced against its probable use
     C. Any item made from a kit must be identified as such.
     D. Even though exhibits are mostly judged on their own merits, enhancements of an exhibit achieved
             through special mountings, framing, or display may be considered.
     E. There will be one “Best in Show” ribbon plus $5.00 awarded to a senior youth who has won
             a blue ribbon on an exhibit.  

     There will be one runner-up “Best in Show” ribbon plus $2.50 awarded.

Section I:  Crocheting
101.          Home Accessories (doilies, snowflakes, etc.)
102.          Other Crocheted Items
Prizes:  1st - $3.00; 2nd - $2.50; 3rd - $2.00

Section II:  Knitting
103.          Baby Wearing Apparel
104.          Outerwear
105.          Hat or Purse
106.          Socks or Stockings
107.          Other Knitted Item
Prizes:  1st - $3.00; 2nd - $2.50; 3rd - $2.00

Section III:  Woodworking – Original Design
108.        Furniture
     a.        Bench/Chair
     b.        Chest
     c.        Footstool
     d.        Table
     e.        Other Original Wood Furniture
109.        Wood Article
     a.        Accessory
     b.        Bird Feeder
     c.        Bird House
     d.        Frame
     e.        Toy
     f.        Other Original Wood Article
Prizes:  1st - $6.00; 2nd - $4.50; 3rd - $3.00

Section IV:  Handicrafts
110.          Baskets (handmade)
111.          Decorative Painting
112.          Fabric Design (tie dye, batik, textile painting, etc.)
113.          Holiday Decorations
114.          Jewelry (handmade)
115.          Paper Crafts
116.          Paper Mache
117.          Pottery/Ceramics (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, etc.)
     a.        Unfinished (clay)
     b.        Carved
     c.        Glazed
     d.        Other finishing technique
118.          Items Made of Recycled Materials (list materials)
119.          Soap (handmade)
120.          Textiles (enhanced fabrics, weaves, braids, rugs, etc)
121.          Wood Article
     a.        Hand-Carved
     b.        Hand-Painted
     c.        Other Wood Handicraft Item
122.          Wreath (other than holiday)
123.          Mixed Media  
124.          Other Handicraft
Prizes:  1st - $3.00; 2nd - $2.50; 3rd - $2.00

Section V:  Displays
•        Displays may be entered if not previously entered in another class.
•        Each display must contain at least 4 articles.
•        Each display must be mounted or contained in an area no larger than 24” X 24”.

125.          Articles Featuring Your Hobby
126.          Handmade Articles
127.          Nature Collection
Prizes:  1st - $4.00; 2nd - $3.50; 3rd - $3.00
Department F-1 (continued)
Senior, Intermediate, Junior Youth Arts & Crafts