Truck & Tractor Pull
August 31 & September 1, 2012
6 p.m. (Both days)
Friday - Truck Pull
Saturday - Tractors, Diesel Pick-ups,
                      & Road Tractors

Hear the roar of the turbo engines and
trucks and tractors drag The Rebel Sled
up the track.


Click here for
Rules and Regulations for Tractors
Rules and Regulations for Trucks
Photo Credit: The Recorder
- Cash prizes and trophies awarded for 1st through 4th places.
- Entry fee per class is $20 per hook. Allowed tow hooks if all requirements met. (See rules
      and regulations.)
- For more information, contact Doug Siron at (540) 396-3317.

Truck Classes:
5,800                Small Block
6,200                Modified Street Truck
6,000                Hot Street
5,800                2-Wheel Drive
6,800                Modified Truck
6,500                Pro Street
8,000                Diesel Pickup
Road Tractor

Tractor Classes:
6,000                Non-Turbo
6,500                Turbo
8,500                Non-turbo
9,000                Hot Stock
10,500              Hot Stock
9,000                Farm Turbo
13,500              Farm Turbo