Agricultural Exhibits

Exhibits must be registered and entered in the Elementary School Gym between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Tuesday of Fair week. Agricultural exhibits will be displayed at the Elementary School gym with the exception of the largest pumpkin and hay bales, which will be displayed in the Agricultural Education Barn. All products shown must have been grown by the exhibitor during the current year. Any exhibitor found to exhibit purchased produce will forfeit ribbons and prize money.

Exhibits should be clean, blemish-free and in prime condition. Exhibitors must enter the correct number of samples according to the catalog below. For exhibits where multiple samples are required, all should be uniform in size. Exhibits should not be the largest, except in “largest” classes. If known, exhibitors should label the variety of each exhibit.  

The gym will be closed for viewing during exhibit entry and judging on Wednesday morning. Judge’s decisions are final. Entries may be sliced at judge’s discretion. All exhibits must be left in place until 9:00 p.m. Saturday when prize money will be distributed.

Exhibiting Rules & Regulations




1. Any Hybrid Variety (3)
2. Any Open Pollinated (3)
3. Longest Stalk with Roots and Ear (1)

PRIZES: 1st – $3; 2nd – $2; 3rd – $1



1. Alfalfa Hay
2. Orchard Grass Hay
3. Red Clover Hay
4. Mixed Hay, old meadow

PRIZES: 1st – $3; 2nd – $2; 3rd – $1

Note: All exhibits must be baled. Entrants should register bales in the elementary gym but may deliver them directly to the Agricultural Education Barn if desired.



1. Beans (Bush Snap–5)
2. Beans (Pole Snap–5)
3. Beans (Lima – 5)
4. Beans (October/Shelly – 5)
5. Beets (3)
6. Cabbage (Red-1)
7. Cabbage (White-1)
8. Carrots (3)
9. Cucumber (Slicing-3)
10. Cucumber (Pickling-3)
11. Eggplant (1)
12. Garlic (3)
13. Gourds (3)
14. Onions (Red-3)
15. Onions (White or Yellow-3)
16. Peppers (Bell-3)
17. Peppers (Non-Bell-3)
18. Peppers (Hot, any variety-3)
19. Potatoes (White-3)
20. Potatoes (Red-3)
21. Potatoes (Russett-3)
22. Pumpkin (Field, carving-1)
23. Pumpkin (Sweet, pie-1)
24. Pumpkin (Novelty-1)
25. Summer Squash (Yellow, Crooked Neck-1)
26. Summer Squash (Yellow, not Crooked Neck-1)
27. Summer Squash (Zucchini-1)
28. Sweet Corn (3)
29. Tomatoes (Slicer, any color-3)
30. Tomatoes (Picnic or cherry, any color-5)
31. Tomatoes (Paste or roma-3)
32. Tomatoes (Other heirloom–3)
33. Winter Squash (Acorn-1)
34. Winter Squash (Butternut -1)
35. Winter Squash (Spaghetti-1)
36. Winter Squash (Any other)

PRIZES: 1st-$3; 2nd-$2; 3rd-$1



1. Apples (3)
2. Pears (3)
3. Plums (3)
4. Cantaloupe (1)
5. Watermelon (1)
6. Grapes (bunch)
7. Blackberries (5)
8. Raspberries (5)

PRIZES: 1st-$3; 2nd-$2; 3rd-$1



1. Largest Beet (1)
2. Largest Cabbage (1)
3. Largest Carrot (1)
4. Largest Onion (1)
5. Largest Potato (1)
6. Largest Pumpkin (1)
7. Largest Sunflower Head (1)
8. Largest Tomato (1)

Note: Largest cucumber, largest squash, and largest zucchini WILL NOT be accepted or judged as they are not an accepted industry standard. Largest pumpkins should receive entry tags in the Elementary School Gym, but may deliver pumpkins directly to the agriculture education barn.



1. Decorated Vegetable (1)
2. Novelty Single Item (1)
3. Best vegetable grown from saved seed. Entrants must include the most recent year the
seed was saved by the entrant and the approximate date the first seed was saved. Enter
the same number of exhibits, as listed above (1-3).
4. Any other vegetable will be accepted as an additional class if there are three or more
entries in such class.

PRIZES: 1st-$3; 2nd-$2; 3rd-$1

5. Best display of 10 or more different kinds of garden vegetables. Must be grown by the
individual exhibitor. Judged on the quality of vegetables.
6. Best Scarecrow
7. Best Grown Together. Any two of the same vegetables grown and harvested by an adult
and child together. One entry per child.

PRIZES: 1st-$6; 2nd-$5; 3rd-$4; 4th-$3; 5th-$2; 6th -$1



Best display of 6 fresh eggs. Bring your own container.
1. White
2. Brown
3. Blue
4. Other

PRIZES: 1st-$3; 2nd-$2; 3rd-$1



(Exhibitors must be under 18 years old on entry day)

Youth do not need to be affiliated with 4-H or FFA. Youth should assist in the planting, growth and/or harvest of the products they enter. All classes and prizes are the same as Sections IVII, with the exception of the decorated vegetable class, in which up to 6 entries will be classed.