Arts and Crafts: Intermediate Division


A. Exhibits for youth, ages 9 through 13 (exhibitor’s age must be indicated on entry tag)

B. Exhibits will be judged on amount of work involved and degree of skill.

C. Any item made from a kit must be identified as such.

D. Any item made by a person with a disability that they wish to disclose, can enter the appropriate category for the item. A star will be placed on the front of the item tag to let judges know to take this into consideration when judging.

E. Even though exhibits are mostly judged on their own merits, enhancements of an exhibit achieved through special mountings, framing or display may be considered.

F. Exhibits must be made by exhibitor with very little or no help from adults.

G. In this age division, there will be one “Best in Show” ribbon plus $5.00 awarded and one “Runner-up Best in Show” ribbon plus $3.00 awarded.

CLASS PRIZES: 1st -$3; 2nd -$2; 3rd -$1

Exhibiting Rules & Regulations


Section I: Needlework

201. Crocheting
202. Cross Stitch
203. Embroidery
204. Knitting
205. Needlepoint
206. Plastic Canvas
207. Needle Felting


Section II: Handicrafts

208. Basket
209. Bead Art
210. Bean and Seed Picture
211. Bird Feeder
212. Bird House
213. Booklet
214. Ceramics/Pottery

a. Unfinished
b. Glazed
c. Painted

215. Collage
216. Creative Craft (popsicle sticks, clothespins, toothpicks, other)
217. Diorama
218. Dough Art
219. Duct Tape Item
220. Felt Article
221. Gourd Art
222. Handmade Jewelry

a. Bracelet
b. Earrings
c. Necklace
d. Pin or Pendant
e. Other Jewelry

223. Handmade Wooden Article

a. Kit
b. Original Design

224. Holiday Decorations

a. Ornament
b. Other Holiday Article

225. Lego Type Construction (must be secured in a box or container)

a. From Kit
b. Original Design

226. Magnet Decoration
227. Mobile
228. Modeling Clay
229. Paper Crafts

a. Cut and Pierced
b. Greeting Card (mounted on cardstock)
c. Origami or Other 3-D Paper
d. Scrapbook (2 page layout, attached and protected with page protectors)
e. Other paper craft item

230. Paper Mache
231. Picture Frames or Albums
232. Plastic Craft
233. Article From Recycled Materials (list materials)
234. Rock Art
235. Stepping Stone
236. String Art
237. Stuffed Doll or Animal
238. Textile Art (tie-dye, painted or decorated, etc.)

a. On Purchased Item (t-shirt, tote bag, etc.)
b. Other Textile Art

239. Weaving/Braiding

a. Potholders
b. Other Woven or Braided Article

240. Wood Article
241. Yarn Article
242. Mixed Media
243. Other Handicraft


Section III. Displays

Display may be entered if not previously entered in another class.

Each display must contain at least 4 articles.

Each display must be mounted or contained in an area no larger than 24” X 24”.

244. Articles Featuring Your Hobby
245. Handmade Articles
246. Nature Collection
247. Posters