Little Switzerland Cloggers

Friday, August 30, 2024
6 pm
High School Gym


The Little Switzerland Cloggers, one of the oldest clogging groups in the state, have been captivating audiences at fairs, festivals, events, parties, and corporate gatherings throughout Virginia and West Virginia since 1985. One of their favorite performances is the Highland County Fair, and their show has something for everyone. The group dances to a diverse range of music, from bluegrass and country to oldies and today’s top hits, making their performances enjoyable for audiences of all ages. Clogging, one of the most versatile dance forms, has evolved significantly from its traditional roots, though those remain an important part of this team’s repertoire.

The dancers, ranging from 5 to 40 years old, include beginners and award-winning, All-American championship dancers. They are well-trained in proper clogging and dance techniques, as well as body care, warm-up, and stretching. The Little Switzerland Cloggers have been entertaining audiences for decades and continue to bring joy and excitement to events across the region. If you’d like to suggest an event or schedule a performance, please contact Director Dorothy Stephenson at [email protected] or call (540) 468-2800. Join us in celebrating this unique aspect of Virginia’s cultural heritage at the next Highland County Fair!