Educational Exhibits: Hands-On Ag Education

Strolling through the livestock barns presents an enriching experience. Young exhibitors not only showcase their animals for visitors but also impart valuable knowledge through informative posters. The barn situated between the cattle and the small animals will serve as a hub for interactive agricultural education, specifically tailored for children aged 5 to 8 years. Additionally, it will offer educational opportunities for all age groups.

Several engaging stations are in the works, featuring topics such as chickens, maple production, a corn box, pumpkins, and even a riding corral!

Supervision will be a collective responsibility, shared by parents and all visiting adults. Our intention is to create an enjoyable and educational environment within this space. However, it will require the cooperation of everyone to maintain its cleanliness, safety, and ensure a rewarding learning journey for all.


Little Boy Playing - Hands On Ag Education - Highland County Fair - Monterey, Virginia