73rd Annual Highland Horse Show

August 24, 2024

Starting at 9:00 AM

Paybacks: 1st $30, 2nd $15,
3rd $10, 4th $5 *new*
Ribbons: 1st – 6th *new*

Judge: Hunter Liles Phillips,
Danville, VA 

Highland County Fair - Horse Show - Monterey, Virginia



  • $15/class day of show. $10 per class if pre-registered by Friday, August 16th. Register Online or Download a Printable Form. If you mail your entry form, it must be postmarked by August 8, 2024 and sent to the designated address listed on the Downloadable Printed Form.
  • AGAIN THIS YEAR* Entries will be accepted through Google Forms, email, or hard copy.
  • Online entries must include Coggins test in order to receive the discounted entry fee.
  • To pre-register or with questions, contact Allison at [email protected] or 540-480-9908.
  • Ring conditions: Gary Crigler, 540-487-6038
  • Food Sales: Blue Grass Ruritans



1. Open Showmanship: All ages.
2. Tot Leadline: Children 10 and under. No payback. Entry fee: $10. May cross-enter in classes *1, 3, 8, 20, 28.
3. Beginner Youth: All tack. Ages 12 and under. Walk only. Coaches/parents are allowed in the ring with
riders (but not on leadline). May cross-enter in classes *1, 2, 8, 20, 28.
4. Cross Rail over Fences (jumping): Novice horse or rider, may trot or canter the course.
5. Low Hunter over Fences (jumping): 2’
6. High Hunter over Fences (jumping): 2’3” – 2’6”
7. Knock Down and Out over Fences (jumping): Starts at 2’9”, fences raised until highest clear jump wins.
$100 & blue ribbon – winner takes all! Sponsor: Melissa Ann Dowd, Attorney-at-Law

LUNCH BREAK – 45 Minutes

8. Costume: Horses may be ridden or led, with or without a rider.
9. Cloverleaf Barrels (speed): Open.
10. Speed Barrel (speed): Open. Single barrel. Sponsor: Little Big Dog Rescue
11. Open Gaited Go as You Please: Walk and pleasure gait.
12. Open Gaited All Day: Walk and pleasure gait.
13. Maiden Horsemanship: All tack. All ages. Open to riders in first show, or never won a blue ribbon.
Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait. *new*
14. Junior Rider Horsemanship: All tack. Ages 14 and under. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait.
15. Open Junior All Day: All tack. Ages 18 and under. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait.
16. Senior Hunt Seat Pleasure: Walk, trot and canter. Ages 12 and over.
17. Senior All Day English: Walk and trot. Ages 12 and over.
18. Open Gaited Horsemanship: Walk and pleasure gait. *new*
19. Young People’s English Equitation: Ages 18 and under. Walk, trot, pleasure gait and canter (no gaited horses).
Pebble’s Trophy: Bobbie Hefner
20. Mini Equine Showmanship: Open to all mini equines. Sponsor: Elegius Mini Equine Sanctuary
21. Senior Non-Gaited Go as You Please: Ages 12 and over. Walk and trot/jog.
22. All Day Western: Walk and jog. Sponsor: Dare to Dream Therapeutic Horsemanship Center
23. Open Western Pleasure: Walk, jog and lope.
24. Young People’s Horsemanship Western: Ages 18 and under. Walk, jog and lope (no gaited horses).
Rebel Trophy: Dorothy and Crysta Stephenson
25. Open Horsemanship/Equitation (Pattern): All tack. All ages. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait, canter/lope. *new*
26. *Highland Residents Only* All Day: All tack. All ages. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait.
27. Open Pair: All tack. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait. One entry (back #), two ribbons, one money.
28. Family Class: All tack. Walk and trot/jog/pleasure gait. Two or more members of one family. One entry
(back #), ribbon & money.
29. Break N Out/Command: All tack. All ages. Walk, pleasure gait/jog/trot, canter/lope and other commands
such as halt, back up, etc. at the judge’s discretion.