Highland County Fair

Livestock Shows

More than just a competition, our shows offer an immersive educational experience that shines a spotlight on the future of farming and agriculture in Highland County!

Featuring the hard work and dedication of local youth, these shows are a testament to their passion for agriculture. From presenting their hogs, sheep, goats,  and beef cattle to showcasing their skills in animal care and presentation, these young farmers take pride in their accomplishments and embody the spirit of agricultural excellence.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and supporting the future leaders of agriculture at our Livestock Shows!

Week’s Schedule

Tuesday: Livestock Check-In

Wednesday: Goats & Sheep Show

Thursday: Hogs & Beef Show

Saturday: Livestock Sale

Schedule of events

Highland County Fair - Youth Sheep and Goat Show - Monterey Virginia

4-H & FFA Goats and Sheep Show

Wednesday at 11 am

The Youth Goat and Sheep Livestock Show at the Highland County Fair is a highlight for young agricultural enthusiasts. Held at the Highland County Fairgrounds in Monterey, VA, this event showcases the dedication and hard work of our local youth as they present their expertly cared-for goats and sheep.

Participants gain valuable experience in animal husbandry, learn the importance of responsibility, and develop a sense of community. Visitors to the fair can witness the future of farming in action, support the next generation of farmers, and enjoy the friendly competition and impressive displays of livestock.

Highland County Fair - Pet Lamb and Goat Contest - Monterey Virginia

NEW!! Goat & Lamb Pet Contest

Wednesday, Following Goat/Sheep Show

This year, the Highland County Fair is excited to introduce this new attraction! The Goat and Lamb Pet Contest invites kids to showcase their adorable four-legged friends.

It’s a fantastic addition to the fair, offering family-friendly fun and highlighting the bond between young caretakers and their animals. Participants will have the opportunity to present their pets, share their stories, and compete for prizes.

The Pet Lamb and Goat Contest promises to be a delightful event for visitors of all ages, making it a must-see attraction at the Highland County Fair.

Highland County Fair - Youth Hog and Beef Show - Monterey, Virginia

4-H & FFA Hogs and Beef Show

Thursday at 11 am

Yet another show that features the hard work and dedication of local Highand County youth involved in 4-H and FFA programs! These young farmers take pride in presenting their best hogs and beef cattle, showcasing their skills in animal care and presentation.

Visitors to the fair can enjoy watching the competition, learning about the importance of livestock in agriculture, and supporting the efforts of these talented young individuals. Join us in recognizing the achievements of these young agriculturalists at the Highland County Fair!

Youth Hog and Beef Livestock Show - Highland County Fair - Monterey, Virginia

NEW!! Calf Pet Contest

Thursday, Following Hog/Beef Show

A delightful and absolutely precious addition to this year’s Highland County Fair is the Calf Pet Contest, which, of course, promises to charm visitors of all ages. This show features the youngest members of our farming community as they proudly present their adorable baby calves.

The Pet Calf Show is not only an entertaining event. It’s an opportunity to learn about the early stages of livestock care and the dedication of our local youth. Join us at the Highland County Fair to support these budding farmers and their cute, cuddly calves!

Highland County Fair - Monterey, Virginia - Livestock Obstacle Course 1

Sheep Costume Contest & Obstacle Course

Friday at 4:30 pm

This Highland County Fair event is a delightful experience for both exhibitors and spectators.

Picture this: a parade of sheep, goats, hogs, steers, and rabbits, all dressed to impress alongside their equally costumed exhibitors. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Each exhibitor will craft a narrative about their costumes, adding a touch of storytelling to the event. 

And if that isn’t enough fun for you, just wait until the Obstacle Course! This is a timed event that provides challenges for the exhibitors and a healthy dose of laughter for the audience.

Highland County Fair - Livestock Pet Contest - Monterey, Virginia 1

4-H & FFA Livestock Sale

Saturday at 2 pm

The Livestock Sale marks the culmination of months of hard work and dedication for participating youth. It’s a bittersweet moment as these young farmers bid farewell to the animals they’ve nurtured and cared for all summer. Tears may be shed as they say their goodbyes, but the sale represents much more than just a transaction.

For these youth, the Livestock Sale is the final step in an incredible learning experience about raising animals and understanding the business side of agriculture.

As buyers come together to support the efforts of these young individuals, they invest in more than just quality livestock. They also contribute to the growth and development of future farming leaders and the enduring legacy of agricultural traditions in Highland County.